It's always exciting and gratifying to receive titles that show customer satisfaction with our service. That's exactly what the title of High Performer of Winter and Spring 2023 on G2 is. The SmartyAds team is very proud of this title, as well as extremely appreciative of the trust and support from our clients, thanks to whom we received it. It's especially nice for us to receive this award 2 times in a row, for winter AND spring. Let's have a look at how our technology excelled this time.

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A quick reminder: what is G2?

G2 is a fairly popular and well-known platform that allows users to compare different software options. The site is specifically designed to collect customer feedback, making it the perfect place for those looking for authentic and unbiased opinions. G2 rates software providers and their products based on reviews and a rating system.

The ratings provided on the site can be useful to anyone who utilizes professional software for marketing, advertising, or project management tasks. Knowing insider opinions and comparing software options based on specific characteristics makes it easier to make decisions, saving entrepreneurs the time and effort of testing products themselves.

Today, G2 is one of the largest venues of its type. Each year, more than 80 million people, including employees of all Fortune 500 companies, use G2 to make more informed software decisions based on trusted expert reviews.

Moreover, each quarter, G2 identifies the top-performing software solutions in each industry, considering customer satisfaction and each solution's presence in the marketplace. What were the reasons for SmartyAds being named a DSP high performer in 2023?

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How SmartyAds compares to other DSPs on G2?

We received this title based on 16 reviews from verified clients who have worked with our platform. You can see the strongest features of SmartyAds DSP on our platform's performance review page:

  • Highest-Rated Features: 20% above average;
  • Notifications - Advertiser Campaign Management: 18% above average;
  • In-App Ads: 14% above average;
  • Geo-Targeting: 8% above average.

We are proud of this result and of the fact that G2 appreciated the usability of the platform and the efficiency and competence of our technical support. We will make the platform even better, more user-friendly, and more transparent.

Most clients who left reviews on the platform (14 out of 16) gave the platform five stars, but even clients who rated the platform lower noted great ad units and capabilities and the ability to scale geo-targeting.

If you want to compare our DSP with other DSPs, you just need to click on the link "Compare SmartyAds DSP ratings with similar products". Then you will be redirected to a page listing all the DSPs available for comparison on the platform.

After the comparison, the platform will offer you a similar table in which the clear advantages of each platform over the others will be highlighted. Of course, all platforms have their advantages and disadvantages, and this rating also gives us some clear pointers on where we should improve.

These results are especially valuable for us, as they are all created based on our users' opinions and feedback. After all, we created our product and continue to work every day to improve it precisely so that our partners and customers feel most comfortable using our platform.

On G2, you can compare from 2 to 4 different platform options. So you can use it in moments of indecision and determine which platform will best fit your company's needs. We certainly hope that SmartyAds turns out to be that platform.


Of course, we received this award only because our dear customers wrote wonderful feedback for our platform. We thank them for pointing out our strengths and points that need improvement.

In addition, we are eternally grateful to each of our customers and partners because only thanks to them the platform continues to evolve, become better, more convenient, and more transparent. Our clients are our inspiration and motivation for moving forward without looking back, developing better marketing tools, and implementing advanced technologies in our common everyday life.

We will continue to grow and work and look forward to continued support. Thank you, our dear customers and partners!

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