SmartyAds Partners with GumGum


By the end of 2014 we are excited to announce stunning news for our Advertisers.
We have teamed up with GumGum and now are ready to supply tremendous traffic volumes through our Private Exchange in real time auction.
Founded in 2007, GumGum now reaches more than 300 million unique visitors worldwide as they visit hundreds of publisher partner websites via the desktop, tablets and smartphones. GumGum is headquartered in Santa Monica, California, with offices in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Atlanta and Detroit.
GumGum is a new kind of display advertising platform, built on the fundamental belief that to be effective, ads must be relevant, engaging and viewable.
Known best for its invention of in-image advertising, GumGum’s products have since grown to include several display, mobile and video solutions to help brands tell their stories and publishers unlock new sources of revenue.

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