SmartyAds has joined a Blockchain Working Group as an official member for the IAB Tech Lab in-person event called “Blockchain in Advertising”. The event will be hosted by MetaX and will take place at their headquarters in Santa Monica on October 18th.

SmartyAds is excited to take part in this global collaboration and hopes the meeting will bring awareness and set the right direction for Blockchain implementation throughout the industry.

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Blockchain Working Group brings together executive leaders of the AdTech world in order to investigate how Blockchain can resolve problems of the digital advertising ecosystem. Currently, the group is lead by Shailley Singh (IAB), Richard Bush (NYIAX) and Michael Palmer (GroupM). The core of the working group includes companies such as MediaMath, Centro, PubMatic, Sizmek, and SmartyAds. Over the next year, members will be actively discussing the following issues regarding Blockchain:

  • Raising awareness about Blockchain and educating industry players about main features of this technology;
  • Considering how Blockchain can be applied to programmatic transactions, supply chain, online marketplaces;
  • Discussing how Blockchain can help to eliminate fraud, increase transparency and remove third-party intermediaries;
  • Working on solutions, specification, and implementation strategies;
  • Developing best practices and standards for Blockchain technology;
  • Legitimization of Blockchain;
  • Advancement and promotion of Blockchain in AdTech.

The event will begin with “Blockchain 101: Blockchain basics and industry application context” and will be followed by use case presentations and panel discussion. Ivan Guzenko, CEO at SmartyAds, will present the company’s vision and ideas towards Blockchain integration with an AdStack. To get an insight into the topic, check out our article about blockchain, ad tech, and how they work together.

Where: MetaX Headquarters; 3110 Main Street, Penthouse, Santa Monica, CA 90405.

When: Wednesday, October 18th, 2017; 2:00 PM - 6:00 PM (PDT)

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