With this article, we officially confirm that SmartyAds' enterprise white-label solutions department now evolved into a separate company. The name of the new company is Teqblaze

At TeqBlaze we shifted our focus as a tech provider. Our goal is to bring technologies and products based on the very specific needs of our Customers and rapid market challenges, without looking back at the strategy of the in-house SmartyAds business. We have expanded our team and resources to work ahead of the curve and achieve even greater success beyond current results.

Anastasia-Nikita Bansal, CEO at TeqBlaze (ex-Director of Enterprise Solutions at SmartyAds)

TeqBlaze white-label ad platforms come in two standalone fundamental products.

  • For Sellers: White Label SSP + Ad Exchange is designed for publishers who want to use prebuilt programmatic technology to create an in-house platform with the best monetization and performance metrics.
  • For Buyers: White Label DSP. This technology was developed for advertisers seeking to precisely control their ad budgets and workloads, connect highly relevant partners, and access a pool of tools for optimizing impressions.

Stacked on the request, these product combinations will not be marketed separately. But they will be supported and deployed further. We are going to remain flexible and neat at the same time. Teqblaze was born out of a quality-over-quantity model, and we will maintain such focus in the future. 

What changes for Partners?

If you own one of the SmartyAds white-label solutions, you don't need to do anything special. Just keep running your business while we take care of the rest.

Your personal account manager will contact you soon about legal issues. We strive to make the switch to a new legal entity seamless and instant for platform owners. Therefore, we will contact you only if necessary, but we are always in touch with any questions.

The TeqBlaze team warrants to all current and future owners of white platforms that the upcoming changes will bring only improvements. Here are the main advantages.

In-depth support for cookieless solutions and contextual targeting

Examples of cookieless solutions are ID5, LiveRamp, and The Trade Desk. We have already simplified the integration to the ready-made module. In the near term, we plan to provide the cookieless solutions feature out-of-the-box. The future belongs to post-cookies, and TeqBlaze technologies will be a prominent part of this reality. 

As for contextual targeting, account managers are now ready to provide options for targeting with the technologies platforms have already obtained. And we are expanding the contextual infrastructure to improve the results achieved. 

Faster updates, new features, response to customization requests, and market changes

TeqBlaze's technical team will be larger compared to previous periods of white-label solutions development. In addition, all experts on the team will be devoted exclusively to enterprise products, without scattering resources. We will invest more in product improvement and flexibility for each platform owner. 

At TeqBlaze, we changed our focus on Customer needs: now it is our complete and only guideline for strategy, and the whole company will build the products with great attention to them.

Customer support that goes beyond programmatic technologies

We have already concluded that issues such as certification, licensing, and legal compliance can be an obstacle to rapid market entry. That's why, at TeqBlaze, we will provide services related to legal compliance. Our goal here — is to cover all the non-typical aspects of the full-scale programmatic business deployment.
Your business account manager remains the person you can contact to resolve any platform tasks. Hiring Teqblaze technical experts on an outstaff basis or getting an account manager to join your team full-time stays as well. 

Now we provide even more support to improve your business results. So be sure to ask us for help first before turning to third parties.

TeqBlaze's Future Roadmap

First and foremost, let us express our gratitude to you, dear Partners. We thank you! Because of your trust and efforts in developing the business, SmartyAds' white-label solutions department has moved to a new company.

We are excited about the transition to TeqBlaze. For us, it marks a path of development and an opportunity to continue our innovative approach to advertisement technologies. It was through creativity, perseverance, and a passion for coding that the initial technological solutions and, later, the SmartyAds company appeared. Back in 2011, we held a belief in our success, yet we couldn't have foreseen the caliber of Partners we would come to collaborate with. Your ongoing trust serves as a daily affirmation, signaling that we have moved from the amateur league to the professional arena, and the game is on! 

Now we are facing trivial tasks of legal paperwork, website creation, and other marketing activities. Nevertheless, with every small action, we strive to improve the experience of everyone involved in the project. Of course, we have ambitious plans to increase the number of Partners: new team members are already completing their training to meet the future needs of businesses.

And for a long time now, we have been preparing updates to our products. This is a big step that will immediately put Teqblaze far ahead of its closest competitors. And yes, we've had plenty of time to study the environment, so we say this with a clear heart.

We'll be sharing more details soon, so keep an eye out! Like a fine wine that needs time to breathe and reveal its full aroma, good news is already in the air, just waiting to be savored.