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SmartyAds Geofencing Advertising for Location-Based Campaigns

SmartyAds geofencing technology builds a new-generation interactive communication with your users based on accurate hyperlocal, cross-device targeting.
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Precision and Scale with Smartyads Geofencing Advertising

SmartyAds geo-fencing technology equips large and small businesses with powerful tools for running geo advertising ad campaigns that attract, engage, and convert. Geofencing ads let your message reach your target audience with a great precision, processing their location data in real-time. Instead of using IP address, SmartyAds geofencing feature on DSP serves ads according to GPS data, which makes geo targeting much more accurate, and ad delivery relevant and up to the point.
Geo advertising as a growing trend
of users make a
purchase using
various devices
outdoor content
increases by yearly
of users prefer
to receive discounts
at the right moment

How to make geofence advertising work?

Geofencing advertising companies like SmartyAds apply cutting-edge advertising technologies that collect GPS, Wi-Fi, GSM data from customer’s gadget in order to determine the geographic area and deliver advertisement according to it. You can channel your display ads to the users closest to you or those who put their geo-marks near.
People come to the
music gig.
They take selfies at the
background and post it on
In the Instagram feed: “made a selfie
at gig today? - get 50% restaurant
discount.” Incredible luck!

SmartyAds geo advertising:
from abstract traffic to real conversions

Send interactive geofencing ads to your customers who stay nearby or directly at the point of sale.
Target the users who
attended certain events
at certain periods
User Loyalty
Target the users who
already visited
your shop.
Target the users who
purchased at your
competitor’s locations.
Target the users who
recently visited
certain locations.

Match geofencing ads with your target audience

SmartyAds created a solution with intuitive design and essential functionality to run, analyze, and optimize geofencing campaigns successfully.

Get detailed custom reports in convenient visual formats considering any point of your geofencing campaign efficiency. Analyze how users move and create routes to popular places and where they convert most.

Get to know what users want by tracking their profiles: gender, age, the frequency of visits, and average time on site.

Go beyond limits of distance, time, and screen real-time

Target selectively.
Target your users when they’re either indoors or outdoors. Channel impressive location-based geofencing campaigns to each target audience of yours at appropriate time.
Define conversion zones.
Target customers who visited your competitor’s locations, a certain country, or a specific part of the city and define conversion zones where your users convert best.
Retarget users on different screens.
SmartyAds geofence advertising platform helps you to find the users who once saw your ad and convert them on different devices and screens using retargeting.
Make your ads place
and time-efficient with geofencing advertising!
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