Video Advertising

Bring video on any device with SmartyAds

Among numerous devices to showcase ads, targeted users are spread across multiple screens. Today, ad agencies need to go extra mile and look for effective approaches to create premium digital video campaigns and content to larger audience. SmartyAds offers a great chance to utilize video advertising benefits to generate even more revenue attracting more keen eyes to your brand. Our team partners with numerous content providers that have high-quality inventory to impress potential customers. SmartyAds delivers on its pledge and offers different online channels to streamline video advertising effectiveness, fuel business goals, and build more brand awareness.


Discover what SmartyAds solution has for you:

Get to know the audience that contributes to your business growth. Convey the message that counts delivering ads to a particular user with video advertising tool we have created to lower CPM and optimize margins. Avoid fake clicks. Stop flushing money down the drain and monitor traffic to ensure only the right users come aboard. Mobile or tablet, one platform that displays ads across numerous device types is what SmartyAds brings to market players using innovative video advertising solution and all-in-one platform to address all marketing needs.

SmartyAds video connects high-quality demand with premium supply

A vast majority of Internet users are exposed to ads coming via video advertising. This creates a competitive advantage for advertisers in order to maximize their marketing campaign effectiveness. Nowadays, when there are dozens of varied devices, platforms out there, and ad formats to pick, SmartyAds becomes a reliable ally providing the most advanced technologies in online marketing.

Through SSP for publishers, our platform serves video ads to the right users across different locations around the globe connecting needs for quality content and owners of inventory who look for ways to monetize their traffic efficiently. SmartyAds video platform secures quality engagement with viewers through a number of embedded features.

Our goal is to bring the best out of video content

With SmartyAds, marketers can pick the publishing partner who will show their ad to users as well as to tailor promo campaigns to a precise audience using targeting features that our video advertising solution incorporates.

Video advertising is a perfect add-on to complement existing marketing strategy to achieve greater results. Team up with SmartyAds and we will show you the way to engage with more customers eager to learn about brand you present. Create more opportunities to faster monetize apps with our team.

We walk you through video advertising becoming a reliable business partner!