With banner advertising reaching your target demographics became much easier. Apply different ad formats, ad units and banner ad sizes for multiple ad campaigns. Customize the way banner ads are served on sites through programmatic platform. Tune online banner advertising performance and easily reach highest click through rate and engagement. Make online banner ads work for you!

Banner ads: versatile and universal

Banner advertising is a highly customizable online advertising option. With interstitial, mobile, video, and rich media banners marketers boost campaign effectiveness on 70%.

The bigger banner advertising formats are the most memorable while smaller, agile ad units work best for in-app and mobile display advertising.

Serving different banner advertising formats and sizes through DSP, you reach precize audience and suit advertising banner according to your marketing campaign stage.

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Universal Ad Package: Most Popular Ad Sizes

IAB Medium Rectangle

Medium Rectangle Size fits well digital banner ads on desktop and mobile screens. If your aim is delivering a memorable impression Medium Rectangle might the the best option .
This spacious rectangle size fits more information and is handy for adapting the modules in case different channels should be applied (outdoor, TV, ect.)

IAB Mobile Leaderboard / Smartphone static banner

Human eye simply can’t miss such advertising banner as it’s located right at the top of the mobile screen. Mobile Leaderboards are large and visible, fit well seasonal ad campaigns with sales and special propositions. Smartphone static banner is universal, it’s known for the cost-efficiency and flexibility, - locate it at the top, bottom or at the middle of the screen.

IAB Leaderboard

Advertising banners with IAB Leaderboard is beneficial for advertisers who want to focus on the visual aspect of the message. The Leaderboards are best converted when placed above-the-fold, at the top or bottom of the page. Such banner size is often used with expandable ads which typically have the same screen location.

IAB Wide Skyscraper

Wide Skyscraper banner ads are located lower on the webpage and or in the center, that’s why they don’t mess with the rest of the page’s content, as a result rarely getting blocked.
Wide Skyscraper is hard to miss, the banner is pretty large and allows to afford a larger portion of content.

Standard Ad Units

Additional standard ad units for static and interactive experience delivered on mobile and desktop platforms.
    IAB Mobile phone full screen (320*480)
    Mobile Interstitial Landscape (480*320)
    IAB Mobile phone thin banner (300*50)
    IAB Mobile phone thin full screen (300*600)
    Billboard (970*250)
    Tablet Interstitial (768*1024)

Custom Banner Sizes

Searching for unique banner ad formats and sizes which are custom designed and meet your brand’s need and individual requirements? Capture the viewer’s interest and meet your marketing aims with custom banner dimensions. Define your own ad formats and sizes using our programmatic ad platform.

Rich Media Banner Ads

Rich media banner is a highly interactive ad unit which expands when user interacts with it. Rich media banners involve not only expandable but also interactive banners, billboards, and pushdowns. The pushdowns are better served at 728*90 resolution, they tend to expand to 728x400 upon mouse hover, the IAB’s rising star billboard appears in 970*250, and interactive banner is served in different ad formats according to the platform.
    High conversion
    High interactivity
    High engagement

Mobile, Interstitial & App Banner Ads

Mobile banner ads are rectangle static or animated ad units that appear on mobile devices in large 336*280 or in 320*50, 300*50 and custom resolutions. Mobile app banner ads are usually installed in games, they include interstitial banner ads, native banners that occupy the whole screen, and playables. Interstitial banner ad appears in large 336*280 or medium rectangle 300*250, typically at the game intervals or when the app/page is being loaded.
    Highly interactive
    Easily implemented

Video Banner Ads

Video banner ads feature a video that is played automatically inside the banner frame as soon as the user triggers them. In-banner video ads can be effective on various platforms in different sizes. Video banner ads expand from initial 300*250 size to the whooping 728*400 resolution upon scroll or hover and redirect the users on the page where video is hosted if clicked upon.

Suit banner advertising to your
programmatic campaign

Best international brands use advertising banners as universal tools that help to reach their campaign goals quickly and effortlessly. Banner ads are easy to design, implement, and control. No matter which banner ad type or size you choose we’ll help you to to maximize its ROI to the fullest, channeling your message to the targeted audience at the right time and price.

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