The recently appointed Chief Marketing Officer, Jakub Oleksy, is responsible for overseeing the global marketing strategy of the company. In addition, he aims to enhance the recognition of both in-house and white-label solutions. His main goal is to create effective marketing initiatives that deliver tangible outcomes and foster stronger connections between SmartyAds, its clients, and its partners. 

Before joining SmartyAds, Jakub held high-level positions at various ad tech and martech companies, operating in both the B2B and B2C sectors. Noteworthy roles included leadership positions at Smart AdServer, Internet BillBoard, and Sparc Media. During his time in these positions, Jakub demonstrated exceptional skills in devising comprehensive marketing and sales strategies across Europe. He also played a vital part in co-creating an independent programmatic trading desk, recruiting and training diverse teams, and orchestrating intricate cross-media campaigns to stimulate business growth.