Transitioning to Teqblaze

The next chapter for SmartyAds White Label Solutions

Transitioning to Teqblaze

Meet TeqBlaze: Your Next-Level Ad Tech Partner

Text: Step into the future of advertising with TeqBlaze! We've spun off from SmartyAds' white-label solutions to bring you a dedicated powerhouse of ad tech innovation. Get ready to boost your business with the latest in advertising technology. Embark on this thrilling adventure with us and transform your ad strategy. Click to discover what TeqBlaze can do for you today!

Get Generous Rewards for Each Successful
Referral You Make

Boost your income by recommending our white-label AdTech products to your network. You can earn a significant commission, based on the first-year gross revenue generated by your referrals.

How Does It Work?


You connect us to your contact / client needing our white-label AdTech products


We will contact your referral to discover their needs and offer them a viable product


When we close a deal with your contact, you will start receiving rewards

Let's talk about how we can collaborate and grow together!

Unlock New Opportunities to Increase
Your Income by Referring the TeqBlaze
White-Label Solutions

Why Join Our Referral Program?

No Purchase Necessary

Unlike other referral programs that require buying products or services, our referral program allows you to earn money simply by referring others

Easy to Participate

With white-label advertising platform you gain data ownership regarding every aspect of platform functioning — media costs, performance, and more.

Win-win for Our Existing Customers

Add a logo and brand name to the pre-designed framework template. Easily create your unique environment that reflects your brand identity.

Trusted Partner

Push the boundaries of programmatic — with our technology, you can add custom integrations and unlock the new capabilities of independent advertising.

Ready to Start Earning Big?

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