Hooray! We are announcing the arrival of numerous amazing updates in the most massive DSP update. Empowered with most advanced technologies and formats, SmartyAds demand-side platform is ready to accelerate your ad campaigns and surprise you with its head-turning new look. Ready? Then buckle up, we’re going to show you around.

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What’s new?

Brand-new ad formats

As true marketers at heart, our clients are always looking for new, fresh and creative ideas on how to surprise their audiences and keep them engaged as long as possible. This is why we decided to tackle this task by adding new irresistible ad formats on most popular mediums.

Meet native, banner, video, push, and Connected TV formats on DSP. Choose the creative type that fits your marketing objectives and delivers outstanding user experience across mobile, desktop, and Smart TV ecosystems. 

On-demand, customized analytics

Sometimes a standard analytical report is not enough to get an opaque, descriptive picture on your ad campaign performance, especially when it comes to specific metrics. For this reason, we’ve created the function of customized analytic reports which can be adjusted to your own needs in particular. 
On-demand analytics are custom reports that you can create and generate whenever you want. You select target metrics and define how they will be displayed in the report. Always have specific dynamic indicators of your campaigns at glance!

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What’s updated?

Six times more traffic

The role of ad servers is hard to underestimate, exactly these pieces of technology allow to seamlessly transact media buys between demand and supply parties. Ad servers help demand partners to maintain their campaigns, render the creatives, and obtain traffic from connected SSPs. 

Good news is, instead of 5 we’ve got 30 ad servers now! This means 6 times higher capacity for our DSP and a tremendous boost in traffic for you: across verticals, formats, and platforms. 

Prioritized bids & better PMP

We’re also moving to the very same server the ad exchange uses. This means when ad exchange sends requests to DSPs your bids will always be first in the line, no matter what. 

With multiplied server capacities the competition for high-caliber publisher inventory on ‘Invite only’ private marketplace auctions will become faster and delay-free. Well, isn’t it just the right time to alleviate all brand-safety concerns and easily access premium inventory of your choice?

Reusable creatives & intuitive library

‘Truly convenient dashboards should support easy and flexible creative management’, that’s what we thought whilst developing a new logic of creative management for advertisers. 

One small but nevertheless very important improvement that’s been a long time coming is an ability to apply one creative for several ad campaigns. 

Create a creative once and apply it for various ad campaigns over and over. We’ve also updated the look of the creative library to make navigation and creative management easier and more enjoyable.

More relevant retargeting

High-precision retargeting ad campaigns on SmartyAds DSP is a great way to get users back to your website and convert them into visitors. This becomes possible due to rich cookie data collected from web source visitors. 

Due to higher platform priority, we’ll gather a colossal scope of audience data so that you could retarget customers with better precision. No matter what it is: a brand promotion, a cross-sell campaign or just a quick reminder about a new offer: now it’s possible to do it with greater impact.

What’s improved and fixed?

Streamlined workflow & better interface

Finally, we’ve resolved all technical issues you might have experienced during the last year and turned advertiser’s dashboard interface into real eye candy! Thanks to your timely feedback and suggestions we were able to renovate SmartyAds DSP with your needs and wishes in mind. 

We are grateful for every suggestion, piece of opinion, and idea that you armed us up with during the year. We hope that these DSP updates will make your ad campaigns more effective, and ultimately your life a little bit easier. More is yet to come!

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