This September SmartyAds has officially announced that one of its most cherished products - SmartHub becomes a separate company - an independent brand will define its own market positioning and create a development roadmap from now on. As known, previously SmartHub was purchased by the software development company Deox Soft Copr, thus, the product has become a standalone business, and now it is going to promote itself as a separate brand. You can already visit the new SmartHub website and subscribe to Smarthub's social media accounts on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Because of this transformation, SmartHub currently chooses a very different development trajectory according to which the team will be planning future updates and improvements. This kind of spin-out will help both companies SmartyAds and SmartHub amplify their capacities while staying ultimately flexible and spot-on regarding internal business processes organization, networking, planning, and many other activities.

There will be no fundamental changes inside of each company structure in terms of employees, neither this separation will touch the operation of platforms. We will continue to deliver impeccable services to our clients and will retain the network of our trusted partners. This change will mean that ultimately each company will be entirely focused on their individual business needs and optimization which, in turn, will contribute to even better accountability, transparency, and sustainable growth in the future.

Please stay tuned for more news and updates.

Truly yours,

SmartyAds team.