Programmatic Advertising for Display Ads

Are you an advertiser trying to cut through the noise and showcase your brand ads at the right spot at perfect time?

Start effective promotions today and check out SmartyAds’ industry-leading display advertising tool with features, which brings variety benefits of online ads to your fingertips.

How it works?

Cost-effective display advertising that harnesses RTB potential gives marketers an opportunity to use rich media, text as well as images to promote business and acquire new clients. Using a large base of digital publishers, we bring down your marketing costs. SmartyAds display advertising suite allows users setting precise targeting by choosing geo location for a campaign; pick time of the day for ads to pop up, certain key phrases along with the language you speak to your targeted user. Utilize banner advertising exchange to light up your brand on any device. Our team has created display advertising solution that offers plenty of opportunities to tailor winning campaigns and control spending monitoring marketing efforts in real time. Increase the popularity of your brand, grow sales potential, and broaden horizons for audience reach by using SmartyAds innovative display advertising platform, software that allows banners to pop up all across the global network tempting viewers to drop by your own website.

Make every ad count with SmartyAds!

SmartyAds empowers you to segment the audience and select campaign parameters to address marketing efforts to a particular age group, people with certain annual income, or users that have children etc. Boost your sales and save budget indirectly by going for Internet advertising solutions we have developed for you. Encourage only the accurate users to come on board and browse through your offers by prompting the chosen demographic groups to see your ads. If you are a publisher, secure the sales stream by displaying only those ads appealing to your visitors.

Are you a publisher who wants to employ rich media and images to turn a profit online?

Displaying ads is about generating revenues. SmartyAds banner ad exchange offers publishers to create a sales stream by hosting display banner ads or certain keywords tied to their business. We create a room for potential growth and higher revenues.

How it works?

We employ RTB technology to let your site display banners of advertisers who are reliable and promote products or services that correlate with your business. Create simple ad tags to kick off. Your visitors will see relevant banner ads coming from the bidders who offer the highest price. As a publisher and our partner, you earn money based on classy display advertising CPM. Display banner ads are among the easiest yet effective instrument to monetize inventory. Our large base of advertisers offers only relevant ad banners for publishers bringing more cash to your pockets.

Begin monetizing with SmartyAds today!