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About SmartyAds ICO media buying platform

SmartyAds DSP is a self-serve advertising platform that ensures swift ICO ad campaign set up and management. The comprehensive targeting features allow you to focus directly on the right user at the right time. The platform offers robust optimization and detailed reports on your campaign in real time.

With the ban of ICO advertising by Google, Facebook and Twitter it becomes crucial to find new ways to ensure visibility for the ideas behind ICO startups. SmartyAds provides all the means to achieve the desired exposure and advertise the project across various channels simultaneously.

How does it work

SmartyAds features


Granular targeting

SmartyAds DSP provides diverse targeting options, including ISP, geolocation, dayparting / schedule, IAB taxonomy-based contextual ads targeting, device type, OS, and retargeting.

Global Reach

Reach your investors wherever they are. SmartyAds works with top publishers from all over the world, providing access to crypto-enthusiast from different countries.

Enhanced viewability

Every message should be delivered and the impression - seen. SmartyAds tracks every impression, making sure that you are paying for the actual audience.

Fraud protection

SmartyAds partners with Protected Media and Forensiq, as well as provides in-house solutions to ensure superior protection against ad fraud. Every user that sees your ad is a real person.

Scam protection

We check every project that comes to our system to ensure that it is trustworthy. Promote your ICO, share your ideas and don’t get halted by the fraud in the industry.

Impactful Ad Formats

SmartyAds provides access to all existing ad formats to ensure that you can deliver your message the best way possible. Explore the diversity of ad formats to show all the benefits of your ICO.

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