Programmatic trading for brand marketers

SmartyAds programmatic ad buying platform is an automated bidding software for digital advertisers and publishers that allows automating the whole process of making a decision and weighing up the options in  real time. The workflow is seamless due to programmatic advertising software key features. The programmatic  media buying can be set to target particular audiences and geo-locations of your choice. With an innovative way to seal the deals within advertising platform, there are no one-on-one price negotiations and tiring debates between the parties  because ad buying is done automatically.

Programmatic vs RTB

Does programmatic equal RTB? No, not really. Real-time bidding is just one of the ways programmatic advertising works. It is one of the methods but not the only one. The real-time auction  allows organizing the bidding among buyers and sellers when programmatic suite and advertising software broadens the opportunities letting advertisers buy appealing ad space from a particular digital publisher. At SmartyAds, we offer a handful of opportunities to monetize ad space and buy impressions using the power of media buying advertising platforms.

Benefits of programmatic ad platforms

Whether an ad agency or a digital publisher, you get plenty of advantages when coming aboard and deciding to complement existing marketing strategy with programmatic ad solution. Let us guide you through the benefits of media buying platforms for online advertising.

Power of programmatic marketing for publishers

Enhance the value of your content with SmartyAds. Unlike with conventional direct sales, digital content owners get a chance to match marketers with the exact audiences they chase and try to catch. SmartyAds helps publishers of digital content to segment the inventory they have to define the parts that perform best with certain advertisers. Reduce costs and boost margins by choosing a programmatic path and using the advertising software we have created. SmartyAds’ programmatic SSP offers a great chance for publishers to seize the opportunity to take full controls of their business growth.

Programmatic buying platforms for marketers as key to greater brand awareness

SmartyAds’ DSP is an all-in-one programmatic bidding platform to manage successful and profitable campaigns in a programmatic way. Our team has created a user-friendly interface backed up by machine learning to streamline marketing efforts and attract more potential customers to your brand. We present a unique opportunity to reach out to users through omnichannel b2b advertising tool whether creating more brand awareness for a small or well-established business. SmartyAds empowers clients to plan and successfully execute campaigns that are second and generate more advertising revenue.

Keen on increasing sales and generate more revenues from online content along with SmartyAds programmatic platforms!


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