Brands and Agencies
Brands and Agencies
Data-driven programmatic media buying solutions for brands, media buyers, and agencies
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Demand Side Platform
Launch and manage omnichannel campaigns across mobile, display, native, video ad formats
Data Management Platform
Transform your data into smart data that powers personalized advertising across all channels and digital dimensions
Publishers and App Developers
Publishers and App Developers
Programmatic ad monetization and yield management solutions for web and mobile publishers
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Supply Side Platform
Get advanced control to manage your demand partners across all channels and formats
Enterprises and Ad Tech Partners
Enterprises and Ad Tech Partners
White Label Solutions
Fully customizable White Label advertising platforms to launch your own business
In-House Toolbox
A compex toolbox that integrates your advertising and analytics, so you can act on customer insights faster
Blockchain Ad Stack
Designed to bring transparency to programmatic digital advertising
Ad Exchange
Programmatic ad marketplace with prioritized access to demand partners via direct publisher relationships
Customer Data Platform
Consolidate all user data in one hub, get to know your customers better and manage campaigns effectively
Quantum Analytics
Get actionable insights through data visualization in a new, real-time analytics and reporting platform

Programmatic marketing platform for media buyers & sellers

SmartyAds programmatic ad buying platform is an automated bidding software for digital advertisers and publishers that allows automating the whole process of decision-making and evaluating the options in real-time.

for Media Buyers

SmartyAds Programmatic Marketing Platform offers a Demand Side Platform (DSP) with data-management and advanced analytics features to automate media buying across multiple sources and channels.

    Use self-serve dashboard

    Pre-define future placements, monitor and make changes to all your campaigns real-time in the DSP.

    Target your customers

    Create your audience segments, track them by Geodata, IP, Browser, Device, Cookie, user ID and more.

    Optimize campaign effectiveness

    Cap the frequencies, set whitelist/ blacklist for publishers, configure time-targeting and budget spending.

    Expand reach

    Run multiple ad campaigns, test different creatives, track conversions in one programmatic buying platform.


    Stay aware of the costs, margins and your budget spend. The platform will ensure a total data transparency for all your media investments.

    Get insights

    Understand which campaigns and creatives work better with detailed data-driven reports generated by programmatic advertising software platform.

for Media Sellers

SmartyAds offers a holistic approach to programmatic media selling, combining supply-side platform (SSP), SDKs, server-side and client-side header bidding. We help our clients to reach the greatest demand, understand the real value of their inventory on the global ad market and access the highest-paying deals instantly.

Automate the workflow and sell your inventory in a click on SmartyAds programmatic media selling platform.

    Stay in control of placements

    Choose the parameters of future ad placements: configure the position, size, width, and type of the creative in dashboard.

    Reach private marketplaces

    Get enhanced transparency with access to private deals. Decide how and who to trade inventory with.

    Monetize your app with ease

    Grow your mobile app or game revenue with ease implementing lightweight SDKs.

    Safeguard inventory & budget

    Grow your mobile app or game revenue with ease implementing lightweight SDKs.

    Header bidding

    Maximize your ad revenue with server-side and client-side header bidding technology.

    Understand the results

    Get aggregated stats in customized reports for every data piece you need using programmatic software for publishers.

Cross-device & cross-format experience in programmatic media platforms

SmartyAds features best all-in-one programmatic bidding platforms using which everyone can manage successful and profitable campaigns on any device or medium. Find the perfect working scheme that resonates to your business needs: real-time auctions, programmatic direct deals, private marketplace and more. Innovative, cutting-edge technologies are the core of our programmatic ad solutions that help to safeguard the transactions, avoid the ad fraud and maximize the yield.

Time to amplify your online advertising message channeling it to the right audiences, at the right time and place through best programmatic platforms!

Media Buying Platforms for Digital Marketers

SmartyAds DSP

Serve highly targeted ads on the premium
quality inventory worldwide.

SmartyAds Ad Exchange
for Media Buyers

Join the most comprehensive open
digital marketplace

Programmatic Media Selling Platforms for Publishers

SmartyAds SSP

Maximize the value of each impression

SmartyAds Ad Exchange
for Publishers

Real-time access to the global demand

SmartyAds SDKs

Monetize your app effectively on Android
and IOS platforms.

Header Bidding

Remove the waterfall’s buying sequence limitation.
Broaden the possibilities with simultaneous bidding.

White Label Programmatic Platforms

Customize programmatic advertising platforms SSP, DSP, Ad exchange to meet unique needs of your brand.

Best supply & demand opportunities in your pocket

Connect to the world of superior ad buying with SmartyAds programmatic platforms!
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