AdInMo & SmartyAds joined forces in the new collaboration that aims to open up more in-game media-buying opportunities for advertisers. As you might know, SmartyAds is continually expanding its in-game inventory network: every year we connect more direct publishers to our SSP and aggregate top-notch traffic from our global partners. Thanks to this our advertisers have access to the broadest category of inventory across the most popular channels. This time, within the framework of collaboration with AdInMo, our advertisers get an additional opportunity to engage their audiences on a more meaningful level. Let’s see what this is all about.

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What do advertisers get from this in-app collaboration?

We are focusing on in-game advertising for a good reason as we see a giant point of growth and future opportunities in it. In-game advertising is something that our advertisers are interested in right now, and, for sure, they will be benefitting from it even more in the future if we take a brief look at the stats. Stirred by increased average time spent online, induced by lockdown, in-game advertising revenue keeps growing tremendously - is expected to hit $56B in 2024.

While targeting mobile gaming audiences our advertisers will be able to reach this vast landscape of audiences that are scattered across various game genres with Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) compliant formats, both programmatically and through Private Marketplace (PMP) deals. AdInMo’s specializes in exceptionally smooth and non-intrusive in-game advertising and the global inventory that represents all kinds of mobile game player personas.

Engaging better with Gen-Z and Millennials

Both AdInMo’s and SmartyAds see this new collab as a way to let advertisers engage better with young audiences and avid mobile game players - Gen-Z and Millennials. According to stats, daily time spent on mobile has been gradually increasing for millennials and Gen Z. Social network apps appear to be the most popular ones - over 70% of millennials use them daily. When it comes to Gen Z, they consume 71% of their digital media using smartphone apps. These cord-cutting audiences are usually the hardest to access as they typically shy away from TVs and use adblockers to rid themselves of ads on desktop. Since the majority of these audiences are represented on mobile medium, advertisers will have yet another unique chance to capture their attention in the right place and time.

What’s next?

What comes out of it? As was pointed out by Kristan Rivers, CEO, and Founder of AdInMo, they are thrilled to broaden in-app advertising horizons with us. This partnership will help advertisers reach their audiences worldwide and choose the best inventory in a very broad range of categories. App developers meanwhile, will be able to maximize potential revenue from ads without compromising user experience. SmartyAds is happy to have these new traffic capabilities on board as it will significantly strengthen our existing mobile advertising capacities. With new in-game opportunities coupled up with a precision of programmatic targeting on DSP, our advertisers will reach new audiences and achieve higher user engagement and conversions.

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