Anastasia-Nikita Bansal is cooperating with SmartyAds as a Director of Enterprise Solutions. She is leading the company's business branch devoted to SaaS platforms like White Labels for Enterprises (SSP, DSP, SSP+ AdExchange, DMP) and outsource&outstaff projects. Nikita started her career in 2015, focusing on project management, business analysis, and general management in Informational Technologies and White Label industries. In December 2017 Nikita started assisting Smartyads as a Project Manager of SSP WLS. Now she is a manager with 5+ years in the B2B and SaaS niche. During these years she merged different teams and departments to build a strong branch of Enterprise Solutions. She is proud of the product stack we offer and is happy that every client of ours can find at least one suitable SaaS platform that satisfies their business needs.


Skills and Certifications

  • Operations Management
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Product Management
  • Software Development Management
  • People Management & Recruitment
  • Financial Management
  • Strategy & Business Development
  • Business Analysis
  • Marketing, PR & Sales
  • Legal operations