Building on the success of white-label DSP 2.2, the white-label DSP 2.3 version has made a true quantum leap in capabilities this autumn. 

Over the past year, our dedicated team has worked tirelessly to ensure that your DSP not only adapts but excels in the cookieless environment, setting a new standard for privacy-friendly solutions. With contextual targeting at its core, White-Label DSP Update 2.3 offers a holistic solution that aligns seamlessly with the evolving privacy landscape. Now, you can confidently embrace the future of advertising, knowing that your platform is fully adjusted and privacy-friendly. 

The 2.3 version brings significant improvements to your system aimed at future-proofing your advertising efforts: in-app traffic retargeting, traffic and bidding overview, creative settings search, and other enhancements – read the article to find out more.

Preparing your platform for the contextual era – why this is a must

In the wake of the impending demise of cookies, contextual targeting emerges as the beacon promising targeted advertising in the realms of tightening privacy regulations. The industry of contextual advertising is making a comeback and growing substantially; back in 2020, it was valued at $157.4 billion; by 2026, it is anticipated to reach $335 billion

Unlike its counterparts, which rely on tracking mechanisms that are increasingly restricted, contextual targeting thrives on content relevance. By aligning ads with the context of the content being consumed, it provides a non-intrusive and privacy-friendly means to engage audiences effectively. 

This approach circumvents the limitations posed by cookieless environments and ensures advertisers can reach their intended audience with precision and relevance. Contemporary contextual advertising platforms employ various methods to discern context, including semantics, user behavior metrics, and AI. They subsequently furnish advertisers with comprehensive metrics for cookieless targeting, audience activation, and engagement.

Current demand-side platforms (DSPs) are increasingly challenged by the cookieless future, especially as buyers require privacy-focused infrastructure. 

Recognizing this shift in the DSP landscape, we proactively responded by pioneering the niche and swiftly adapting our DSP solution to incorporate privacy-friendly advertising mechanisms like contextual targeting within a year.

The first AI and ML-powered Cookieless DSP – how we supercharged it with contextual strengths

The latest iteration of our white-label DSP introduces a revolutionary contextual targeting solution harnessing artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities. The contextual targeting module is based on such elements as content categorization based on the most suitable taxonomies, keyword targeting, Open AI integration, contextual exclusions, creative customization, and advanced reporting.

The latest iteration of our white-label DSP introduces a revolutionary contextual targeting solution harnessing artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities. The contextual targeting module is based on such elements as content categorization based on the most suitable taxonomies, keyword targeting, Open AI integration, contextual exclusions, creative customization, and advanced reporting. 

contextual module

It revolutionizes the approach to targeting by letting your demand partners deliver ads based on the context of the consumed content instead of cookies, thanks to which the process becomes privacy-friendly yet very efficient. 

Finally, we are ready to introduce the brand-new identity solutions module that ensures precise segmentation and retargeting capabilities – now you have an outstanding opportunity to integrate it into your system with our all-encompassing assistance. 

It leverages alternative identifiers like LiveRamp, Trade Desk Unified ID 2.0, and ID5. Thanks to its demand, partners can establish a persistent identity for users across different platforms and devices without compromising privacy.

identity module

It means that SmartyAds white-label DSP is now the first solution on the market that is fully adjusted to the cookieless environment, and it also means that platform owners who strive for privacy-driven advertising can seamlessly shift to contextual advertising once and for all. 

This capability is a true game-changer because now you will be able to:

  • Deliver ads that align seamlessly with the content users are engaging with, ensuring higher engagement rates;
  • Define new keywords to enhance the effectiveness of your ad campaigns, ensuring they hit the mark every time;
  • Target users at the right moment, increasing the chances of conversions and maximizing return on investment;
  • Stay competitive in a cookieless world by launching successful campaigns that don't rely on traditional tracking methods.

KPI-driven ML price optimization for CPM, CPC, and CPA campaigns

Regardless of the chosen campaign type, the backbone of success lies in real-time machine learning (ML) optimization, predictive insights, and a suite of capabilities designed to empower your partners. These capabilities work in tandem to drive continuous campaign optimization, significantly reducing manual workload while delivering substantial performance improvements.

  • Optimization rules. ML algorithms continuously assess campaign data against predefined benchmarks. Underperforming campaigns can be automatically paused based on optimization rules that can be adjusted individually. Thanks to those rules, campaigns can also be dynamically allocated to sources that consistently deliver desired outcomes, which helps to sustain great ROI while preventing budget overspending. 
  • Smart alerts. Smart algorithms monitor campaign performance against predefined thresholds and trigger alerts for possible deviations. This way, demand partners can respond promptly to any unexpected changes, ensuring the success of their ad campaigns. 
  • KPI-driven price optimization. Optimized KPI-driven campaigns, including performance-based ones, are here for demand partners to choose from (CPM, CPC, CPA). More so, thanks to ML algorithms, the bidding strategies are dynamically adjusted to ensure that the optimal KPI is achieved.

Boosting the existing capacities of your platform 

In our latest platform upgrade, we've also introduced several key enhancements that promise to deliver a more seamless and effective campaign management experience. For instance, retargeting for in-app traffic empowers demand partners to target the same users in subsequent campaigns, enhancing overall campaign performance. Additionally, we've streamlined the creative search process for your convenience by adding a Creative Search field. Now, you can easily search for creatives by name or ID directly in the creative settings. Simply enter the letters or ID number and press Enter to retrieve matching results. This feature is particularly valuable for managing a large volume of creatives efficiently.

Bug fixes and enhancements

With unwavering dedication, we've meticulously attended to bug fixes and implemented performance enhancements, ensuring a smoother, more reliable platform for your seamless experience. Your satisfaction and trust in our service remain our top priorities.

To wrap it up

As we stand at the precipice of this new cookieless era, our commitment to empowering advertisers with cutting-edge, privacy-centric tools remains unwavering. With White-Label DSP Update 2.3, we provide a solution that not only meets the demands of today but anticipates the challenges of tomorrow with meaningful contextual capabilities. 

The introduction of in-app traffic retargeting, smart optimization, and performance campaigns in this version further solidifies White-Label DSP 2.3 as a forward-thinking solution. These features empower demand partners to optimize campaigns, reduce manual work, and drive substantial performance improvements and profits. 

Looking ahead, we are committed to further enhancing our DSP, integrating even more AI-driven features to streamline user experience and offer greater campaign control. If you feel like discussing contextual targeting and optimizing your campaigns, feel free to reach out. 

We're here to help you get the most out of your advertising efforts, let’s talk.