Recently we’ve released the 2.2.3 version of our white-label SSP+AdX platform. One of its key features is the Request and Response Sampler Logger tool, which allows users to monitor and analyze the traffic and performance of their ad inventory. In this article, we'll examine this tool and its significance for SSP owners.

What exactly is the Request&Response sample logger, and how does it work?

The Request & Response Sample Logger is a tool that helps users analyze requests and responses that are sent and received through their WL platform. Its main purpose is to provide real request samples that are blocked due to specific reasons or sent to the DSP partners further. The tool allows users to see the responses from their partners to check their validity.

To use the tool, users can select any SSP/Publisher that is sending the request and the DSPs that are receiving those requests. The Log Event field contains information on whether the request is blocked due to some particular reasons or the response is sent successfully to the SSP/Publisher, or the DSP doesn't respond. The tool records a few invalid requests for each reason and provides samples of invalid requests that can be shared with partners to help them fix the issue.

Benefits of using the Request&Response Sample Logger tool

As an SSP owner using the Request & Response Sample Logger, you can benefit in several ways:

First, the tool provides you with request samples from SSP, which can help you verify the validity of these requests and detect any blocked request samples. This means you can easily find invalid requests that have not been sent for some reason and track the reasons for blocking requests by specific criteria through the search bar.


Second, the customized white-label SSP platform confirms requests from publishers and other SSPs based on necessary criteria, ensuring that only eligible applications are sent to the DSP. The Request & Response Sample Logger Tool can help you identify invalid requests and share them with your partners to fix any issues, leading to better integration with them and more successful business growth.

Lastly, the recent update to the Logger Tool logic search means you can search for exact values and not just by match. This makes searching more accurate and convenient, allowing you to enter exact values by typing specific parameters. Therefore, you can easily find the needed information and use it to optimize your SSP's performance and integrate more efficiently with partners.

To sum up

Overall, the Request & Response sample logger is a powerful tool for SSP owners who want to take their platform performance to the next level. By providing detailed insight into ad requests and bid responses, this tool can help SSP owners optimize their exchange, improve revenue, and deliver more value to advertisers and publishers.

In conclusion, if you're an SSP owner looking to stay ahead of the game, the Request & Response sample logger is a tool you can't overlook. With its ability to track and analyze data, troubleshoot issues, and improve exchange performance, this tool is a must-have for any SSP owner serious about success.

So why not give our white-label SSP a try today and see all its benefits for yourself?