A few months ago, we presented a large package of updates to White Label SSP+Ad Exchange 2.2. But not a day passes without us trying to improve or implement something. It's important for us that the White-Label SSP platform not only runs smoothly but also meets all the real needs of the ever-changing AdTech market.

So with every new update, our team puts a lot of effort into it. We carefully study your feedback on the platform, follow all changes in the programmatic world, and conduct our own research as well. So in this update, we not only improved the search logic and fixed some minor bugs but also added a valuable new feature - Scheduled Reports!

Our in-depth experience and the excellent team have helped us to make the SSP platform powerful, with great functionality and intuitive design. But we always try to be one step ahead of our competitors, and this time we decided to please you with new features that will make your work even more proactive.

We have slightly improved some filtering fields to allow you to more easily create your own unique media trading environment with reliable and proven traffic. We have also paid precise attention to the improvement of the search logic in the Logger Tool, and we have updated all email templates under the sensitive guidance of our best marketers.

Scheduled reports for Publisher and Admin

The main objective of the WL SSP platform is to offer as much transparency and control as possible. It is important that platform owners can track the sales of their advertising resources and control the choice and integration of sources of demand. 

We have introduced an important new feature "Scheduled reports": now you as a publisher and as an admin can create scheduled reporting based on reports preset. As a result, you may receive emails containing reports as often as it suits you:

  • Daily (for example, every day at 12:00 sharp);
  • Weekly (for example, on Mondays);
  • Monthly (for example, every 1st day of the month).

The default time zone for sending the report will be set to UTC.

To use your new Scheduled Reporting tool, you can create a separate section to display a list of already created reports. You will see a list with the following columns: name, the email address that will receive this report, and preset name. You will have the ability to edit and delete your reports as required.

We also came up with a convenient system for naming a report. So, for example, if a report is delivered on 03/03/2023, its name will be foo_report-03032021.csv. It allows you to easily find the desired report amongst other reports.

Now you can regularly receive valuable analytic reports about the performance of your platform in a special section of SSP White Label reports.

You will be able to complete a detailed analysis of the reports received and share them with your team.  It will enable you to make quick changes to processes on the platform and test and monitor the efficiency.

Incidentally, if you wish to have a more detailed overview of the data received, our support will be happy to help you!

The changing world of digital marketing continually creates new patterns of working with advertising and types of that advertising. We continue to upgrade the platform work with the top advertising formats. We also continuously test the features of those that are already embedded in the system.

This time we fixed some little bugs to make working with various formats as smooth as possible. For example, until recently, cookie sync only worked for banner ad formats. We hasten to please you: from this day on, cookie sync access for video formats and native advertising!

We also track the most cost-effective AdTech trends and rapidly implement the possibility of new ad formats.

Update text templates for emails

We've also completely updated all of our email templates for the platform. We made all the templates more logical and detailed, deleted those that had become irrelevant, and added new templates for individual events in the system.

Using professional quality email templates, you can get even more automation of your work with the WL SSP platform and save time. The new email templates are stylishly personalized and well-designed by our marketing team to have the right impact on your clients.

Enjoy new quality email templates for your business!

Update the Logic of Search in the Request & Response Logger Tool

SSP WL is the most comprehensive set of tools for growing your business and successfully integrating with RTB partners.

We previously wrote to you about adding the new advanced Request & Response Sample Logger Tool. Their primary task is to provide you with request samples from DSP partners and to see their responses. Through the Logger, you can check the validity of reports and see request samples that have been blocked. The customized White Label SSP platform receives a request from another SSP or publisher and confirms it according to the necessary criteria. If the application does not meet these requirements, it will not go to the DSP. There may be a number of reasons for this and they will be reflected in the platform.

With the Request & Response Sample Logger, you can quickly find valid requests which have not been sent for some reason. There will also be detailed information on why requests were blocked. This time we’ve updated the Logger Tool logic search so you can now search for exact values, not just by match. For comparison, until that time, it was possible to search only for text without characters, which was a bit inconvenient. Now you can enter exact values by typing "lmt": 0 and similar parameters.

Now the search by Request & Response Sample Logger Tool has become as accurate as possible. You can follow to track the reasons for blocking requests by specific criteria through the search bar. Now you can easily find the invalid request among others and share it with your partners asking to fix it.

UX improvements

We have also slightly improved the UI of our platform to improve the user experience. For example, we removed circles and pop-up messages near Approved inventories. We have improved the report's calendar and added the following important parameters that improve the platform's usability. Here's our block of improvements:

  • 'Search bar' for the 'Sellers.json' tab;
  • download option to SSP and DSP dashboard;
  • option "Search by SSP name/ID", "Search by DSP name/ID";
  • search line for SSP Companies;
  • option to target OS on DSP;
  • option “Edit” for Publisher Deals;
  • video events to ADX report;
  • privacy parameters and macros to the sync URL.

We also made it possible to add multiple values in one line in the Filter list.

System improvements

Our main objective is that the SSP WL platform can easily connect to advertising networks, advertising exchanges, and demand-side platforms (DSPs). As a result, we also noted and fixed several problems with the core, incorrect tooltips, and the ADX report metrics.

The White Label SSP is not only a stable solution but a totally safe ecosystem as well. We paid special attention to adjusting filters that allow you to analyze individual offers from a particular publisher and other data.

Feel free to contact your account manager if you would like to upgrade to WL SSP+ADX 2.2.3 and benefit from all the new features today!

We bring our WL SSP to the next level with each update, enriching it with new functionality and capabilities. No limit to perfection. We therefore always welcome your suggestions for the best results. Contact us if you are interested in sharing your vision with us or ordering a platform!