If you have your own SSP+Ad Exchange platform, you've probably wondered how you should measure its effectiveness and what characteristics you should pay attention to.

And if you're not asking yourself these questions, it's about time to start. And in this short article, we will explain why.

Things to look out for on a platform

The SSP+ADX White Label platform is the product that provides the easiest and fastest transition to internal algorithmic inventory monetization. The platform gives you unparalleled control over your media sales and revenue optimization. 

When you own such a platform, you don't have to share your ad revenue with intermediaries – you can increase the value of each display independently.

Let's take a look at what makes this possible:

  • Real-time bidding. SSPs sell DSP publisher ad space automatically through ad exchanges.
  • Ad network optimization. Because SSPs sell individual ad impressions, they give publishers more control over their resources. Publishers can see who pays for their inventory at the impression level and optimize their ad requests accordingly.
  • Advanced media trading tools. On our platform, publishers can set advanced trading rules. They can control the flow and quality of traffic and match premium publishers with premium DSPs to increase occupancy, effective price per thousand impressions, and, as a result, platform profitability.
  • User interface. It allows publishers to set up impression sales in the configuration they need. White Label allows you to change the interface to suit the needs of the brand and change the colors, location of sections, and buttons so that it is convenient for the platform owners.
  • Analytics and reports. These functions allow publishers to get full information about the effectiveness of their advertising resources, including occupancy, clicks, and impressions.
  • Header Bidding. Most SSPs include Header Bidding, which allows publishers to receive bids from multiple DSPs and manage the flow of requests from advertisers.
  • Revenue Optimization. This feature aims to raise publisher revenue by increasing fill rates, setting minimum prices, and managing auction mechanics.
  • Resource and campaign management. This feature allows publishers to manage different types of ad resources and block certain types of ads.
  • Ecosystem security. The White Label platform is 100% fraud-proof, as it has various fraud protection mechanisms — special scanners developed by major international organizations specializing in cybersecurity.

And all of these features need to be tracked, audited, and monitored for their effectiveness to use the platform to its full potential.

Why is platform analysis important?

Any marketer knows that every advertising campaign builds on data from previous campaigns. Interaction with automated display platforms like DSPs and SSPs is also part of your brand's advertising strategy.

Therefore, in order to effectively and coherently work on all components of this strategy, you need to know how the platform performs a particular action. Platform performance data can also greatly impact ad revenue because if your SSP has a low query-per-second rate, you'll get fewer impressions and, therefore, less income.

In addition, you can track in which place advertising brings more traffic and in which it may not work so well, and based on this information, adjust the minimum cost of the display.

Even as much as we would like to automate all the processes associated with advertising, doing so is not yet possible. It is still necessary for some of the settings to be engaged with a person. And, of course, a person is not immune to mistakes. However, these mistakes can be quickly identified and corrected if the platform is checked regularly.

How do you analyze platform performance?

The word "analyze" can seem intimidating and very technical, especially in the context of a largely automated platform that processes huge streams of data in a minimal amount of time. However, don't be frightened of it; it's quite simple if you consistently approach efficiency analysis.

We've done that in a simple, clear, and free guide, which you can download here right now. Analyze your platform and improve your ad performance with us!