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White Label DMP Solution:
Making Your Data Work for You

Smart, individual and custom approach to audience building
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Tailor-made White Label DMP Marketing Solution

White Label DMP technology from SmartyAds is a solution that turns user data into insights. The ‘first-hand’ data management approach lets you benefit from 1st, 2nd, and 3rd party data available at any touchpoint of your campaign.

Transform your big data into smart data that activates your user segments and powers advertising personalization across all channels and digital dimensions. Deploy a flexible and highly customizable White Label DMP solution that supports all kinds of integrations. We know exactly how to adapt to your business and maximize its effectiveness.

World’s customer data for your audience-winning strategies

White Label DMP allows you to collect online and offline user information from any 1st, 2nd and 3rd-party data source: website, mobile app, connected TV, CRM data, email, or externally integrated data.
Apply SmartyAds White Label DMP to segment your audience based on marketing data from CRM, registration lists, user behavior patterns, visited pages, products bought by your customers, performed actions on-site and in the mobile app.
White Label DMP provides you with tools that you need during marketing strategy creation. Reach your customers through the right channels and build sales funnels that convert, engage, and increase customer lifetime value.
Discover your audience segments and apply look-alike modelling based on them in order to extend your existing audience. Personalize content delivery and extend targeting capabilities on your DSP platform to increase user acquisition rate.

White Label DMP Ad Platform:
Use-cases for Brands

With data sources consolidation, control of the data storage and processing, brands can create cross-device user identity that helps them achieve various marketing objectives.
  • accessing 360° view on your customer journey
  • narrowing down programmatic targeting
  • integration with advertising platforms
  • sales funnel creation
  • look-alike modelling
  • retargeting

Benefits of SmartyAds White Label DMP solution

Data control
Your user data is absolutely safe. There are no risks for you related to user data leakages as it’s stored in your own White Label DMP, not at third-party DMP clouds.
Rapid adoption
Myriads of custom, out-of-the-box integrations will be available for you in custom White Label DMP ad tech solution.
Easy scalability
Your DMP will be able to handle endless market demands and segment the audiences on an unlimited set of business indicators and attributes.
Low maintenance cost
SmartyAds White Label DMP provider creates a custom DMP tailored for your brand. It perfectly fits your business objectives and eliminates the need in external services.

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Create your own programmatic universe
with our White Label products and rule it the way you like

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