White-labelled advertising solution speaks for itself. In simple terms, the product, campaign, technology or marketing service without a branded label can be adjusted to renown white-label brand in order to gain competitive advantages.

There are 3 major cases to use white label advertising in a small business.

  1. You run a digital marketing company specialized, in SMM, email, and content marketing. Customers are happy with your services, but you also need a full-on advertising strategy to maximize incomes.

  2. You run a small business but lack the funds and competent staff to develop your own solution and compete with larger enterprises.

  3. You want to create new revenue streams in the short term and without big investments.

In all these cases, the cornerstone of each goal is to retain existing clients and attract new ones. More clients = better competitiveness = higher revenue. According to the statistics, the second biggest challenge for a marketing company is customer acquisition — it’s a major struggle for 39% of advertising service providers. If you also fight for clients and search a new way to scale your business, white label advertising technology can be your lifeline. Let’s review 4 white labeled advertising strategies.

PPC White Label Advertising

PPC advertising campaigns are similar to SEO campaigns: they both are aimed at driving traffic to your website through search engines. But when SEO is used to reach the right audience organically, PPC imply per click payments in exchange for the high ranking in a search engine.

A well-done PPC campaign is reactive: your website may jump to the top in 1-2 days after the launch. More interestingly, people that arrive from paid ads are 50% more prone to make purchases than those who come from organic search, according to the survey.

White label PPC advertising strategy means you can provide hands-off PPC services to your clients or resell these services to other marketing companies. The full-stack PPC white label solutions include PPC setting by experts, campaign management, measurable ROI, and regular performance reports & analytics. According to a case study, it’s possible to gain more than 4,000% ROI in just 30 days with white label PPC service.

SMM White Label Advertising

Brand’s presence on Facebook and Instagram is now a necessity rather than an advantage. Running a social media marketing campaign, you communicate with your target audience in a more casual environment. The main purpose of social media is entertainment, what makes this marketing channel the best solution for establishing strong brand-customer relationships, gaining loyal fans, and even growing business partnerships. It works even if you run paid ads instead of striving for a better organic reach.

On average, social media platforms bring 25.6% of referral traffic to websites. Such social networks like Instagram and Youtube ride the crest of SMM today bringing 890% and 161% more visits and YoY, even though Facebook has obviously lost its grasp.

Find out what other advertising strategies you can use to drive website traffic.

search vs social trends of visits

Outsourcing SMM part to social media specialists from a white label service provider may help the companies who lack experiences in-house specialists or whose business segment is too specific and, therefore, demanding. Same way, you can buy an access to social media software and resell it as your own branded solution for social media growth, account management, posting, analytics, and so on.

White Label Email Marketing Services

Email marketing is often underestimated but it can become a working part of your digital advertising strategy. For example, opt-in email advertising campaigns are aimed to retain existing audience. Opt-in advertising means that the customer provides a consent to receive promotional materials from a particular brand.

What is typically white labeled in email marketing? The most common email white label solution is email marketing automation platform. Emailmonday states, that a half of businesses already use email marketing automation as automated emails generate 320% higher revenue than non-automated.

The majority of brands use Mailchimp to run their email campaigns — 54.75% is their current market share. However, every marketing company may change the game by purchasing a white label email platform and tailoring it to the specific needs of their clients.

Programmatic White Label Advertising

Just like email marketing, display, native, and mobile advertising become automated. Programmatic software automates ad selling and buying processes, matching demand and supply sides in a real-time. The process is simple: advertisers place an automated bid to compete for publisher’s inventory slot, after what AI algorithms define the best bid and send a request to the ad server to deliver the ad to an end user. All in the matter of microseconds.

Programmatic display ad spending grows every year. This year, total programmatic display ad increased by 21.2% compared to the previous. According to eMarketer, the trend will keep growing in 2019, that’s when the programmatic ad spends will reach $45,94 billion.

Programmatic has a number of undeniable benefits: it saves time and money, picks the best bid or inventory slot, excluding mistakes caused by human factor, and provides robust ad campaign analysis.

We offer a full range of programmatic solutions to our clients: Supply Side Platform, Demand Side Platform, and Ad Exchange. However, if you want to run an agency that offers programmatic advertising services, there is no need to spend months or even years to develop your own ad tech software. You can embrace the power of our white label advertising technology and customize it according to your business model.

In case you want to work with advertisers, build a custom DSP to run CPC, CPM, and CPI advertising campaigns on any device and through any channel. If your audience is publishers, you can create your own custom SSP based on our technology in a click. Finally, if you want to deal with an open marketplace for both, a branded Ad Exchange technology is also at your disposal. Attract more clients on your own conditions and capitalize easily on our white labeled ad tech products.

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Written by
Oleg Tymchyshyn, Head of SaaS Sales and Business of SmartyAds
November 2018