In today's saturated ad market and high competition, it is difficult to stand out from the crowd. The launch of the product will require a lot of efforts and time, even if you’ve progressed far past planning stage. It will take even more time to build your brand recognition and grow a loyal customer base, that’s why marketers invented white label.

WHAT is White Label?

A white labeling is producing the products and services with their further rebranding and advertising under another brand’s name the aim of which is increasing customer loyalty and trust.

White label means a lot for the business that hasn’t grown its own competitive brand name yet but already produces same, or in some cases, even better quality products or services than brands already established on the market. For other companies, such approach helps to focus solely on developing instead of investing resources in marketing and promotion.

“White label” refers to a fully supported product or service that is made by one company but sold by another. White label product is usually purchased as a “raw” generic commodity, which is consequently rebranded, customized with the company’s logo, label and identity, and used as their own. White Label solution requires a minimum of upfront capital investment since the vendor handles all issues with software licensing, data center space or servers, costs on logistics and tech support. After the company customizes the product with the feel and look of their own brand, it can begin selling the product as its own collecting revenues and share the commission with the service provider or technology.

WHY brands use White Label solutions?

Instead of reinventing the wheel, going through trial and error, wasting precious time and money, brands choose the simpler option: the White Label solution. Let us consider benefits of WL products:

Complete Branding Control: By rebranding a vendor's product as your own, you are reinforcing your trademark and reputation. Advertisers get loyal customers and build stronger relations with consumers.

Quick & Timesaving: White label solutions are ready-made, fully tailored that make branding very simple. Through a partnership with a vendor, advertisers get to the market faster and provide customers with a solution it needs immediately.

Reduced Costs: If you decide to build your own product from scratch, it may cost you time training existing employees or recruiting new talents. By using an already-polished product with your name attached, advertisers get the chance to save up budgets on Research & Development.

Security & Support: White Label products go through revisions, tests and troubleshooting, so they are ready-to-use. Advertisers get a high-quality and flawless product. If something goes wrong with a product, your vendor will take full responsibility for the fixing. Therefore, you get ultimate support.

In-Depth Reporting & Analytics: Agencies receive interactive reports on the dashboard in real-time, with campaign metrics, set of static tables and charts to derive effectively ad campaign insights.

WHAT businesses need White Label Solutions?

White Label solution works best for: marketers who wish to save minimize production costs; agencies that want to win the market as soon as possible; advertisers who do not have available time for research and development; businesses that focus primarily on brand building and innovative ways to use the existing technology; or if production requires a special registration or licensing.

How Does it Work?

The vendor company develops “plug-and-play” product for your business, seamlessly tailored to suit your brand. Then, you have to “decorate” the product to match your corporate identity. With the help of White Label, you can add your company’s name, logo, icons, URLs, corporate emails, components of the text and some elements of the website skin to align them with your brand comfortably. After full customization, you will be ready to start selling the product right away. As easy as that!

White Label solutions in Programmatic

SmartyAds offers a White Label DSP solution as an opportunity for marketers to have their own, customized demand-side platform with unique features, sophisticated infrastructure, and smart tools to manage online ads programmatically. Contact our tech team for more information: