At SmartHub we love receiving feedback from our clients. Your suggestions regarding features and new functionalities are golden to us, that’s why we always appreciate it when you share with us your ideas. There’s even a button at the right top corner of your dashboard called “suggest a feature” (if you noticed).

As a rule, interesting and valuable suggestions come from those of you who use the platform during a month, a year, two, – how long doesn’t really matter. Still, we analyze the requests in order to single out “the most wanted and relevant” ones to avoid feature overload so that we could keep your workflow simple and enjoyable. In this round of updates, we’re delivering Cookie Sync, Traffic Logger, Auction Selector, and four more functions that will raise the profitability of your network. Plus, they will make your system more flexible and transparent. See how it works!

1. Postman Collection for API management

We’ve thought about how to ease the work with API for those of you who work with, well, API. Postman is a free client app that enables making calls to any API very easily, and, we prepared a collection of presets that you can use when you need them. So, how do you make use of API collection? First, find ‘Postman Collection’ in API Management and save the file. After this, you can open Postman, Click ‘Import’ and choose the file. Your collection named SmartHub is ready to be utilized.

postman collection SmartHub

2. Global Blacklist with new design and functions

We’ve updated the design of the blacklist that naturally improved its logic. It’s not all, we’ve also packed it with many useful functions like extensive filters. From now on, you can block the existing endpoints worldwide according to the chosen criteria: website domain, applications, and bundles. For this, go to the dashboard and find a “global blacklist” function in the settings (top right corner), after this, you can configure blocklists up to your taste. 

blacklist SmartHub

3. Pixalate Scanner for monitoring traffic

Pixalate Scanner is one of those functions you can turn on and off by yourself: set up the integration in case you need your traffic scanned according to the type or just ignore it in case you don’t need it. What does this scanner do exactly? Like we’ve said, it lets you monitor traffic according to the types - (only banner, only video, only native, or all at once). Plus, it will display all available macros types that the system supports. Pixalate Scanner function is now placed to the rest of the scanners - find it in the settings (top right corner). 

pixalate scanner SmartHub

4. Syncing Cookies between platforms (SSPs & DSPs)

Cookie sync between SSPs & DSPs is something that guarantees that user data stays updated and fresh while it moves from platform to platform. Cookie sync takes place only when two or more systems exchange information, map each other’s individual IDs, and complete the one set of information that they’ve accumulated about the same user. The product of such cookie sync is a great advertising personalization that makes it possible to target users whose web activity says -- hey, this user once reacted to the same ads.

The better the targeting, the higher performance, and the higher performance — the better profits you get. In order to set up cookie sync on your platform, go to the dashboard and turn it for custom endpoints. How to set cookie sync for SSPs and DSPs.

cookie sync SmartHub

5. Auto-logging traffic by chosen criteria

What platform owner doesn’t want to know what kind of traffic they receive by types, regions, or device types? Yes, that’s why we’ve added just another feature that will help you get this straight. Using a traffic logger you can automatically monitor the traffic type your network receives according to the chosen criteria (region, format type, traffic type, connection, device type, and everything you see on the screen below). Measuring the number of incoming QPS according to these criteria is now a simple and easy process.

traffic logger SmartHub

6. Auction type selection

While the world transitions towards first-price auctions because of transparency issues, the other ad tech experts point out that second-price is still preferable since it’s more affordable for advertisers. The truth is, in certain circumstances only one of those auctions can work best for maximizing revenues of participants. Because we understand that it is always better to have a choice in such a situation, we’ve added a feature to the dashboard that enables the platform owner to select between second and first-price auctions. 

7. The new logic of billing

Billing is a very sensitive matter. Sometimes you may suspect that you had discrepancies with your partner when indeed they never really occurred. In such a situation you need to take a peek at the billing section of your dashboard. Choose a partner and select the period you need, after this, the page will return all possible errors that happened during that time. This way you will know for sure whether you had a discrepancy or it was just a lack of data caused by e.g server timeout.

Now the process is much easier since you don’t have to source partner stats by API. We’ve also polished the look and logic of the billing so that you could easily interpret what’s happening in your network. 

billing SmartHub.png

8. System CCPA compliance

You’ve probably already heard of CCPA regulation several times by now. It contains information regarding personal data protection for users that hail from California. Advertising systems usually process a lot of personal information for targeting purposes, and, sure thing, some of it may belong to Californians. The good news is, SmartHub has learned beforehand how to exercise privacy rights for the users that opted out of personal targeting in accordance with CCPA. Based on Privacy String information, SmartHub will remove all unique advertising identifiers for those users who opted out. Thus, they will no longer see personalized ads.

9. Success cases

Every first day of the month you will be able to get detailed stats - revenue achievements of the previous month that you can send to your partners. Go to Plan 10K to see the top 3 leading revenue generators. Banner format (distributed by channel - mobile, desktop, in-app), video (mobile, desktop, in-app), and native (mobile, desktop, in-app). See the median number of impressions and the median revenue that each format generated to know where you’re heading. Use Plan 10K that applies the same revenue distribution logic by formats and channels.

To wrap it up

If we say we receive very valuable suggestions from time to time — that’d be an understatement. This year we’ve got plenty of outstanding ideas and we are very grateful to you for every piece of suggestion. The last portion of head-turning updates was inspired by your feedback, this one too, and we hope that the next one will not be an exception. Right from this moment, we start to work on the next portion of capabilities and improvements to strengthen your platform and enhance its performance. Keep your eyes peeled for new SmartHub functions!

Time to get started! Test-drive your renewed SmartHub!